CUSTODIA | C for Courtside, 2019

Mops, drains, buckets, rags, dustpans, brooms, vacuum cleaners and other tools of cleaning and maintenance form the central imagery of CUSTODIA. Cleaning tools are liminal; dirty in that they are always touching things that are dirty, but necessary for cleanliness. The banal is blurred with the mystical, the chore with the compulsion to create. Dirty and abject things may appear authentic and trustworthy in that they are by definition non-seductive and contain no outer shell of artifice, which infers some interior meaning–though the clutter is arranged, and colors are chosen.

Dirty Work | University of Pittsburgh, 2017

Dirty Work is the third collaborative installation by Eleanor Aldrich and Barbara Weissberger.  In it they continue to explore the tension between illusion and the actual; the dynamic relationship between material and image; and art production as work.

Hive and Double | Grin, Providence 2016

In Hive and Double, Aldrich and Weissberger present a collaborative body of work about the installation or exhibition of large work that blurs the lines between production and product.

Material Outreach Program | the Drawing Center

Installation view of Material Outreach Program at the Drawing Center’s “Name
it by Trying to Name It”, New York, NY, 2015. Dimensions variable.